Thank you so much 

We cant thank everyone enough for the amazing support we
received all of September on the road. Here is a list of venues
and people we need to thank personally. Gordon Strang, Zion Brewpub,
Jazzy's Rock and Roll Grill, Jay Norton, Sonja Smith, The Crittendens,
The Jessops, The Nortons and Fontains, Camden Molina, The Griffin,
Tsvetelina Stefanova, James Adams, Same Sex Mary, The Rusty Maples,
The All-Togethers, The Velveteen Rabbit, Jack Evan Johnson, The Dillinger,
THE Dana Stone, The Deer Lodge, The Hideout, Heaps n Heaps, Alisa Fidele,
Zach Moon, Kenny Glazebrook, Kristen Jordan Tait, Brittany Gleason,
Jessica Braizel, Whiskey Richards, The Brewhouse, Zach Young, The Frog and Peach,
Abram Stoye, The Milk Bar, Clay Newman, Medicine Bug, The Grant and Green Saloon,
Season of the Witch, The Torch Club, Mike Padilla, Rick Ewald, Coopers, Fall Equinox
Music Festival and of course Avocado Print, Midnight Records, Eric Stoye and Christian
Mills. You guys are amazing and I'm sure we missed a name or two but you know who
you are.

R&B Rendezvous 2014 

Huge thanks and congratulations to the Utah Blues Society for having us at the 6th annual
R&B Rendezvous and for gaining non profit status. What a success! All of the best in Utah's
blues artists coming together to show how much our community supports one of the most
important and influential forms of musical expression. Blues power


Huge thanks to everyone for supporting us last
week at the Utah Arts Festival as well as all
the other shows we had. 2 a day for 5 days!
Such a busy schedule, we wouldn't have it
any other way. See you for the 4th of July
parade on Main St. in Park City and we'll be
rocking The Spur all night that night party

Utah Arts Festival 

We are honored to have been chosen
to play at the Utah Arts Festival this year.
Our set starts at 5:15 today, come get rocked
the hell out and see all the other incredible bands
and artists


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