No big deal, partied with KG last weekend 

Last Saturday we had the privelige of 
opening up for Kyle Gass and his band. 
They sorta blew the doors off the O.P. Rockwell
in Park City. Huge thanks to everyone that
came to support, we love you Rage Kage 
and boys, amazing night. Photo by M.A. Baratta

Celebrate July 4th with Candy's River House!  

We are excited to be able to play two shows for July 4th. At noon we will play at High West Distillery just off Main St. in Park City. (703 Park Ave.) Then we will party all night at The Spur Bar and Grill from 10pm-1am. Lots of new music to play for you from our upcoming album. Did we mention it's at least 10 degrees cooler up there? See ya there! 

St. Patrick's Day Blowout at Johnny's On Second 

Always one of the biggest show of the year for
ol' Candy's, We are excited to be sharing the evening
with our good buddies The Highway Thieves, such a great
band. House will be full so make sure to get there early,
we are not responsible for any injury sustained from thrashing
or liver failure.

The Peruvian at Alta Ski Resort 

In every state there is always one special place
where time seems to stand still and there's something
in the water that just makes people go completely nuts.
At the top of the beautiful Little Cottonwood canyon one
such place exists, the Peruvian Lodge or P Dog as it
is infamously known. All reason seems to fly out the
window right as you walk in the door and into that
standing room only crowd. Shows at the P Dog are like 
no other and that is why we're so glad to be playin
there this lovely Sunday evening, 4-7 pm. Come up
and make some terrible decisions with us. You wont
regret it....or... 


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